Take Away

For TAKE AWAY make your order via email prenotazionemilano@bjork.it or call us +39 02 4945 7424.

Pick-up in via Panfilo Castaldi 20 – 20124 Milano.


regular 9€
buttered rye toast

Fermented herring, celery, green apple
mustard and mint

Asparagus, Västerbotten
and egg yolk

Smoked duck breast, black garlic mayonnaise
and beetroot

and dandelion

Salmon marinated with dill, salt and sugar
gravlax sauce and boiled potato



Fried brain – 14€
lemon cream, spring onion and glasswort

Roasted onion – 13€
Västerbotten, orange chutney and walnuts

Marinated amberjack  –  16€
with aromatic salad and lingonberry citronette

S.O.S. Smör, Ost och Sill – 16€
Marinated herrings, butter and Västerbotten

Toast Skagen – 15€
Pan brioche, shrimps, lime mayonnaise,
dill and whitefish roe

Gravadlax – 15€
Salmon marinated with dill, salt and sugar,
gravlax sauce and boiled potato



Nordic fish soup – 16€
with cod, salmon and asparagus

Potato dumplings filled with goat cheese – 14€
marinated cucumber and smoked salmon broth



Seared octopus – 20€
beer reduction with black cardamom
and leek

Seared wild salmon – 23€
mushrooms, almond milk and chard

Cod in swedish style – 18€
Seared cod with parsley potatoes,
cream reduction and herbal mayonnaise



Roasted piglet – 16€
celery, mustard seeds and fermented plums

Grilled rack of sheep – 18€
spinach and rhubarb

Guinea fowl breast – 20€
with herrings green sauce, peas and fava beans

Köttbullar – 16€
Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes,
marinated cucumber and lingonberries

Björk Sandwich – 16€
Pan brioche, beef tartare, sauerkraut
mustard mayonnaise
+ fried potatoes



Rye bread – 5€/500gr
with flax and sunflower seeds

White bread – 5€/500gr
with sourdough

Pan brioche – 5€/500gr

Biscuits – 4€/200gr
with Swedish syrup